Mahon on the small Balearic Island of Minorca was the final stop on my Mediterranean cruise before disembarkation in Barcelona. It was also one of the most spectacular arrivals I have ever done on a cruise ship. Sailing up through the narrow channel was amazing, at some points it seemed […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: Mahon Minorca

Marseille is France’s second largest city located in the Provence region of the country. Our ship had docked at 8 am in a rather industrial part of the port, sitting drinking coffee on our balcony I knew there had to be more to this city and was looking forward to […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: Marseille

As I mentioned in my earlier post the itinerary of the cruise changed due to weather conditions so today we found ourselves in the beautiful French town of Villefranche. The gentle curve of the coastline with its small port filled with colourful fishing boats is the first thing we saw […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: Villefranche & Monte Carlo

La Spezia wasn’t on the original itinerary for this cruise but we ended up there because of bad weather elsewhere. As we weren’t supposed to be there I had no plans but after a quick check on the internet I discovered it was very close to the UNESCO World Heritage […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: La Spezia

After Sorrento the next port of call was Civitavecchia for Rome. Having only just visited Rome a few months before we decided to spend the day on board the ship enjoying the weather and relaxing. On day 6 we arrived at the pretty town of Portofino, probably my favourite stop […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: Portofino

As we sailed into the bay the imposing cliffs of the city of Sorrento came into view. The ship anchored just off the coast and not long after 8 am we were invited to board the tenders for the short journey to the mainland. Sorrento is a lovely city and […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: Sorrento

We docked in Palermo at 8:00am and after light breakfast decided to disembark and start exploring to see what this Italian port city had to offer. Palermo is located on the north western coast of Sicily on a wide bay in the shadow of Mount Pellegrino. After talking to the […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: Palermo Sicily

It’s been a little while since I posted anything on here but there’s been a good reason, I’ve been away on holiday for a couple of weeks. For my break I chose a Mediterranean cruise sailing with Oceania on their new ship Sirena. You can read a post about my […]

Mr Bell’s Mediterranean Cruise: Malta & Gozo

Strawberry Hill House is a Gothic Revival villa that was built in Twickenham near London by Horace Walpole from 1749. When I arrived the house looked beautiful, its gleaming white exterior lit up by the sun. I had pre-booked my ticket on line so all I had to do was […]

Mr Bell Visits Strawberry Hill House