Mr Bell’s Berlin: The East Side Gallery In Pictures

The East Side Gallery in Berlin is a one mile section of the Berlin Wall situated along Muhlenstrasse between Hauptbahnhof and Oberbaumbrucke. It’s basically a huge collection of graffiti art from 118 different artists from 21 countries. As far as I’m aware it’s the biggest section of the wall still standing. I think the pictures explain the idea better than any words can…I hope you enjoy them.

IMG_0808 (1)

IMG_0803 (2) IMG_0811 (2)

IMG_0805 (2)

IMG_0804 (2)

IMG_6346 (2)

IMG_6350 (2)

IMG_6349 (2)

IMG_6351 (2)

IMG_6348 (2)

IMG_6347 (2)

IMG_6352 (2)

IMG_6353 (2)


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