Mr Bell at The Banqueting House London

A tale of the execution of a King and four centuries of history drew me to the Banqueting House. I’ve passed this building many times and always thought I must visit when I get some time. Well I finally found the time and I’m really glad I did.


Upon entering you are directed to a small ticket and gift shop, entrance costs £6. After purchasing a ticket I was told by the friendly staff to go into the under croft where a short video that runs on a loop would give me a brief history of the building.

048When the video was finished I returned to the gift shop where I was given a free hand held audio guide (you can use this at your own pace). I made my way up the large stone staircase, where Charles I reputedly walked to his death and on into the Banqueting Hall.


When you enter it’s a very impressive room and the ceiling with the Ruben’s paintings depicting scenes with James I is just spectacular. The pictures really don’t do it justice, it’s something that really should be seen to be appreciated properly.


The age of the place and the historical events that happened within it’s walls is amazing, I found it quite incredible to be standing in a room where kings and queens have entertained.


Using the audio guide gives you lots of information about the history of the building and the decorative interior, the guide lasts for approximately 45 minutes but you can spend as much time as you like in the hall.


I really enjoyed my visit and although there’s nothing else to see apart from the inside of the building I would really recommend just spending an hour or so seeing it, even if it’s just to see the masterpiece that is the Ruben’s ceiling.


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